Self-taught Shropshire based artist working in oils and mixed media.
I had little idea when I picked up a palette knife for the first time in January 2014 that I would also be picking up my passion. I recall looking at the plump new tubes of paint, the immaculate brushes and the box of small canvases and thinking they'd never be used more than a couple of times!

I became curious about the possibilities of this new found activity. A beckoning whisper of something long hidden began to reveal itself - the anticipation of being let go into something deeper, beyond everyday living.

The subject matter of my paintings reveal something of this - they explore 'time' , whether that be the present moment, memories or future possibilities. I often use still life - objects chosen for the meaning they hold - more often set within an interior landscape. The background or 'walls' in my paintings are an important part of the work, witness to the lives and events which have taken place within them and revealing their secrets and stories in layers. The strong lines of a door, window or table provide structure for the soft, wistfulness of the composition.

My paintings sell internationally and are now held in private collections in Australia, Europe, Canada, Ireland, USA as well as the UK.