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As an amateur artist, ( very amateur artist ),I was totally blown away by your paintings on display at Newport. For years I have been trying to create the same texture that you have achieved, to portray a series of paintings about stars of the old time music hall and famous people local to the Potteries which is where I was born. I think your creations are wonderful, keep up the good work.
Frank Roden 2018

Just Perfect

Living fairly locally to Attingham Park, 'Crossing Thresholds' was the perfect choice for our small snug reading room which overlooks our garden. The colours are wonderful, and the painting captures the serenity of a quiet moment to oneself.
Christa Stephens 2018

It really is astounding that you have only been doing this since 2014. Your work is vibrant and has a liquidy almost dripping quality to it. A feast for the eyes, actually. Wonderful.

Beautiful images.
Garry Rogers 2016

I met you at Bear Steps Exhibition. I love your painting 'Wallpaper & Tea" - stunning colours & wonderful old texture...2 of my favourite things!
I Really enjoy your work.
Pip November 2015

Website and paintings looking very good indeed - enigmatic. I will be at the Bear Steps Exhibition.
Nick October 2015

Lovely exhibition at St. Mary's
(a really high standard) - and your four pieces looked fabulous!
Sue June 2015

"You have captured 'atmosphere' so well in each of your paintings. I imagine each one offers something different to each viewer. Sadness, tranquillity, gentleness and joy come to mind."
Barbara June 2015